Irish Cream - Mock Creme De Menthe

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Irish Cream

50 rich and creamy!

Rye whiskey                                               1/2 cups     375 mL

Sweetened condensed milk                        11 oz.        300 mL

Light cream (half and half)                         1 cup         250 mL

Large eggs                                                    2                  2

Instant coffee granules                                1 tsp.        5 mL

Dry chocolate drink mix (such as QUIK)   1 tsp.        5 mL

Vanilla                                                         1 tsp.         5 mL

Measure all ingredients into blender. Process until smooth.

Pour into bottle or jar to store in refrigerator. If using as a gift, be sure it’s fresh with a label stating to keep refrigerated and to use within 2 weeks. Makes 41/2 cups (1 L) liqueur.

Mock Creme De Menthe

just like the real thing!

Granulated sugar                                           1/2 cups       375 mL

Boiling water                                                 2 cups          500 mL

Peppermint flavoring                                     1/2 tsp.          2 mL

Vodka                                                             2 cups          500 mL

Green food coloring                                      1/8 tsp.          0.5 mL

Stir sugar into boiling water in bowl until sugar dissolves.

Cool. ‘

Add flavoring, vodka and food coloring. Pour into containers. Let stand in cool spot for 2 weeks. 

Ready for use or for gifts. 

Makes approximately 4 3/4 cups (1 L) liqueur.

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